Getting started


I figured it’s time for me to start up a blog, as that’s going to be the easiest way of getting my projects visible to the world…  We’ll see how well it goes, eh?

At the moment I’m working on three main projects:

  • Multichannel LED driver capable of 3-85 channels depending on chip/package, with up to 16-bit resolution and crazy-fast refresh rates
  • “Logic helper” based on the FT4232 that acts like the inverse of the BusPirate, controlling up to 8 ports of 2-6 IO’s each, supporting common serial protocols as well as custom interfaces like AVR-ISP, etc.
  • Inexpensive Ethernet module with a somewhat innovative means of developing applications

They’re all at various stages of development, and it’ll be a bit of a race to see which is “ready” first, since especially the last two depend on each other to a fair degree.  Even testing of the LED chip “requires” the logic helper…

I plan on starting to post some development thoughts, pictures, and status on this blog… we’ll see if anybody cares ;-)


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