My workspace


Here’s a shot of my workspace, just to the left of my desktop:


On the breadboard you’ve got an ATmega168 at the bottom for LED driver development, with space for an FT232R board, which is chilling on the row above.  Above that is the ATmega32 that took over its role because I can hook up the AVR Dragon (left) in JTAG mode so I could actually debug what was breaking…

Above that is the EDTP “Frame Thrower” ENC28J60 board, and Olimex’s PIC18F67J60 module with an ICSP adapter hanging off it.  At the far right is a rotating LED base I bought at the “Pirate Store” in the mall, disassembled for, um, upgrades.  At the top left is a stack of boards including an early PIC ICD2, and a Xilinx Spartan-3E dev board.


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