Toner-transfer prototype PCBs


There was a post today on Hackaday about using a dowel to help transfer toner as part of an etching process.  It reminded me about something my fiancee found, actually…  She was googling my name for pictures, and ran across images of a PCB I did during the development process of a product that’s now into its 3rd production run (granted, only 25 units per run, but it is part of a $10,000 tool…).  It just so happens though that these images are on PulsarFX’s website, used as the showcase project for the toner transfer paper and method they sell.  Pretty slick, eh?

So I was thinking, I should probably try to thoroughly document how I actually pulled off such a PCB.  I’ll start sketching out how I’m going to organize it, and hopefully get started writing it up sometime soon.  It may be text-only for now, as I’m not really in a position to do a whole picture sequence at the moment.  Getting married in 3 weeks is not the time to start trying to re-assemble my PCB pipeline…


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