Webshop coming soon!


I’ve started setting up an osCommerce installation on my colo machine, and am trying to both get my bearings within the software package and get a shop set up with some kind of sanity.  The only products listed so far are the ATxmega bare and assembled boards, and an under-development DMX-512 variant.  The shop will end up listing a lot of under-development items, as that’s how I intend to gauge relative interest in my many and varied projects.  Pre-sales and people expressing strong interest via a poll of some sort will tell me which projects I need to focus on first.

Given Sparkfun’s recent posting about the number of such electronics webshops that are doing more than $1million yearly revenue, I’m hoping that I can offer products that fill needs that haven’t already been met elsewhere, and end up with a nice revenue stream to boot ;-)

The webshop will be formally opened once I can get a few more projects listed, and get the whole front-page/logo/layout thing at least partly under control.  I’m hoping for no more than a week from now, since I’ll have not only bare PCBs but assembled modules IN STOCK and ready to sell in about the same timeframe.


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