Xmega board up and running!


This morning I soldered up the first of the A4 boards, and it works great so far!  I’m working on thorough “boundary scan” testing in the form of hooking up LEDs to each of the pins and making sure the chip soldered properly, and if that passes I have a perfectly functional board.

For those who got boards and parts kits last night at DorkbotPDX, here are ZIP files of the final Eagle and Gerber files the boards were made from:

One thing I forgot to mention to everybody is that the crystal has to be connected via a pair of solder jumpers right up against it.  The soldermask is supposed to be missing from between them, and the gerbers show that it’s supposed to be, but the boards look like they have some in there anyway.  What it boils down to is that you need to make sure you glob plenty of solder in there, either paste or after the fact.

After some research into the costs associated with making these in quantity, I came to the conclusion that a redesign was in order, to use the PQFP parts instead of QFN.  The resulting boards are a hair wider, and use surface-mount headers on the bottom, but are schematically identical to this first batch of boards.  The A3 version might actually end up being a 900mil board though, since the PQFP-64 isn’t liable to fit on even the wider 600mil board…  The resulting boards will end up my upcoming webshop, hopefully within a few weeks.



  1. […] The XMEGA breakout is designed for the A3/D3 family of Xmegas. it was designed by omegacs. […]

  2. I am interested in this breakout board. Are these for sale?

    • Depends on which one you want. I have a number of bare PCBs available, and few of the MCUs in stock. I haven’t had a chance to set up for normal sales, but if you need 1 or 2 we can get something worked out.

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