Dual DMX board populated


I just finished putting the remaining parts on the dual DMX Xmega prototype board, and it comes up at least as far as getting the programmer to talk to the chip.  The next step is to bootstrap it up and get some rudimentary DMX transmission code going, and hack one of my DMX cables so I can connect it to the two terminal strips, one each for input and output.  I’ll probably just make a basic all-channel fader test, and hook up both the 1200W dimmer pack from church and my 8-fixture LED kit (24 each red, green, blue, and white per fixture, total 60W for all; I really should post further details on that old kit and how it relates to my newer projects…).



  1. Omega:

    Looking good. I sent you a PM over at DIYC …



    • Sorry for the delay, I’ve been pretty busy. I need to read your thread in more detail, and I promise I’ll get back to you soon ;-)

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