Desktop disaster of the day


Here’s a shot of my desk from yesterday:

The red boards on the right are SparkFun FT232RL adapters.  Bottom right is a Teensy++.  The two long boards are my ATxmega256A3 adapter boards.  The red and blue square boards are SparkFun nrf24l01+ radio boards.  Hanging mid-air is my ATxmega32A4 + nrf24l01+ board, with its debug lines soldered to jumpers that hold it midair.  Below the protoboard is a nrf24l01+ board designed to mount to a Teensy, for USB bridging.  Just above the USB key on the left is an edge view of SparkFun’s nrf24LU1 board that’s intended to supercede the Teensy-based unit. The little round board at the bottom is a compass-based servo board for a borehole geophone.  To the left above the red Sharpie is the latest version of my ACAM GP2 development board, used for ~50ps resolution time-of-flight measurements.  Its predecessor is the square board just above the protoboard.  On the extreme left edge you can see the round 2-board stackup of the 3rd revision of my main project, and the little Bluetooth debug adapter just below that.  Misc cables, programmers, hubs, tools, etc. are scattered everywhere else.

And that’s just that part of my desk.  The next 3 or 4 feet left contains my soldering environment, with iron and toaster, hand tools, and piles of parts everywhere…..


  1. are you selling that Teensy ?

    • The Teensy is sold by pjrc.com. The Xmega boards on the other hand are my own creation and will be for sale when I have a chance to get my webshop running. If you want one now, let me know and we can get something worked out.

      • what chipset does youre xmega use and how much would you sell it for also were you located? thanks

  2. sorry for posting again (no edit)but i reread an found out youre chipset lol write me an email so i can tell you whats its for

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