OctoPDI5 challenges ;-(


So I ran into a number of problems while getting the octopdi5 board up and running…

  • First round of soldering I wasn’t paying attention in the slightest and managed to mount all the ADuM chips backwards.
  • Once I got them the right way around, I discovered that somewhere way early in the process I managed to spec the wrong part number.  The ADuM5403 is what I had in my PCB art, which has 1 channel “out” and 3 “in”, whereas I really needed the ADuM5401 that’s the other way around.  Queue DigiKey….
  • After shuffling the micro-B pinout, I found that I had tied Tx to Tx and Rx to Rx, which doesn’t really work.  I’ve managed to rework one of the ports by cutting traces and cramming replacement wires into a stupidly tiny space.
  • Ports ended up with random shorts between the shield and various pins.  Turns out the micro-B connector is pretty much solid metal all the way across the bottom, and I placed vias underneath.  Programming worked with my micro-B pigtail but not with a stock cable.  After carefully removing the connector I managed to resolder it with Kapton tape (stolen from a mini-B connector ) covering the holes.

At this point I actually have a target connected to the board via a stock micro-B to micro-B cable, and I can program it ;-)

Next step is to perform the same surgery on the other 7 ports as needed, and submit new PCB artwork for the next group order (which goes out in over a week…)


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