Bootstrapping the new boards


So far so good with the new boards.  I started very carefully by feeding it 5V on the intermediate rail to see if the 3.3v supply comes up, which it did.  Next was hotwiring the microcontroller to my AVR-ISP mkII and confirming the chip is happy, then replacing that with one of my program/debug boards and connecting it to my isolated 8-channel programmer:

I’m taking the old codebase and rebuilding it module-by-module so I can clean things up as I go, and make the main loop more configurable for various experiments.  After getting the serial port (which is running over the same cable, to my programming board) up and running, I moved on to the FD77T (which is an CDCE949 + crystal).  Now I’m starting to build in all the other subsystems necessary to get the thing actually talking to other units…


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