I have a friend at Fedex ;-)


So there I was yesterday, placing an order with Digikey for some spacers, LEDs, pins, etc.  It’s 4:50pm on Thursday, and the parts aren’t exactly time-critical, but I go with the company-standard Fedex Economy (2-day), expecting them on Monday or so.

Then a couple minutes ago (1:25pm Friday) through my headphones I hear somebody shouting outside, competing with the lawn equipment grinding away nearby.  Headphones come off, and it sounds like my name…. Huh?  Then I recognize the local Fedex driver’s voice and run downstairs, apparently I missed the doorbell (gotta find a solution for that).

He hands me a Digikey box, and I’m thinking “was there another order before this I forgot about???”.  He points to the “Monday” on the box and says he’s just “getting a jump on things”.  Out comes the leatherman, and out come the parts I ordered 22 hours and 25 minutes ago…..  These early deliveries are becoming a common event with this driver, and I’m definitely not complaining <g>

Making it even more amazing, one of the parts I ordered was a replacement for some parts Digikey mis-picked for the big assembly order.  I got a call from them around 5pm yesterday and he said he’d try to make sure the confusion with the parts was dealt with before the order shipped out.  I only got the shipment notification from them at 10:51 this morning.



  1. Hi,

    I read your post here:


    and I would like to know if you may share with me your C routines and spreadsheet for the CDCE913. I want to do some similar and I hope to save some time with yours ;-)



    • I’ll see if I can get something out shortly, even just the alpha version of the spreadsheet for now. I found that there’s something wrong with my calculation code, so I’ll have to revisit it and figure out what’s up before there’s any point in releasing that. Hopefully I can find some time shortly.

  2. Hi again,

    anu progress with your spreasheet?


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