New monitor and more OctoPDI5 boards


Today a new monitor arrived for work, a 1920×1080 pivot-able LCD.  I’ll hold all the debug consoles for stations I’m building as I  scale out to as many as I can before the bus starts to fail (hopefully quite a ways).  I also built up more OctoPDI5 boards a couple days ago, so I now have 24 ports of fully-isolated program & debug.

I’ve actually managed to cram all 24 debug windows onto the screen at the same time.  Time will tell if they’re actually too small…  So far I’ve got 4 stations and the port controller hooked up, though I need to see if I can get a single-port PDI5 controller built to isolate the port controller.  For some reason when I have too many stations attached to the same OctoPDI5 as the port, engaging the power-cut relay on the controller causes enough noise that the controller resets and turns everything back on again…


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