ATXmega*A4U Breakout Documentation

Documentation for the ATXmega*A4U breakout boards:

Revision 1:

Revision 2:

Atmel Studio 6 supports these chips fully, and includes their Framework for building applications.

You will need a programmer capable of PDI, which includes the AVR-ISP MkII and the JTAG-ICE MkII.  I plan on preprogramming future boards with Atmel’s DFU firmware loader, which will allow you to load firmware via Atmel’s FLIP software without a dedicated programmer.

Development with the Linux avr-gcc stack is complicated by the significant lag between Atmel releasing chips and these projects supporting them.  I will put together a page with my patches and build instructions shortly.



  1. I see you used an external crystal, what is the clock freq?

    • 16MHz, digikey part SER3628CT-ND

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